Matt Gregory SIOR®, CCIM

Executive Managing Director

605 S Front Street, Suite 200 | Columbus, Ohio 43215

Columbus, Ohio 43215

614-629-5234 office | 614-937-6501 mobile

614-937-6501 mobile

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Senior Vice President
Office Brokerage Group


Office Leasing & Investment Sales
Tenant & Buyer Representation
Real Estate Investment Trusts
Medical Office Buildings
Non-Profit Organizations
Bank Owned Property
Corporate Services
Sale Leasebacks


Jenna Loxterman
(614) 629-5227

拥有超过20年的商业地产经验, 马特·格雷戈里已经确立了自己作为未来的行业领导者和俄亥俄州中部最杰出的经纪人之一. Matt has had great success with all real estate property types but specializes in office sales, investments, and leasing. He has completed more than 1,在他的波音bbin中进行了200次交易,并代表了俄亥俄州中部一些最重要的发展和组织.

During his senior year of college, Matt以市场实习生的身份加入NAI Ohio Equities, which evolved into a full-time position as Director of Information Technology. In that role, Matt helped the firm establish its digital marketing presence. In 2006, Matt于2009年成为一名有执照的代理商, 他与人共同创立了办公室经纪集团,这是该地区最顶尖的办公室制作团队之一,他在该集团担任高级副总裁已有十多年.

Now, as Executive Managing Director, Matt负责开发NAI Ohio Equities经纪部门的增长和运营战略,其中包括专注于招聘, development, and retention of new associates. 他最近宣布,为新员工推出了NAI俄亥俄证券快速通道培训计划,并为该公司的首批学员提供指导. 马特仍然是关键关系的主要联系人, and actively helps the firm’s agents navigate new business and negotiations. 他也是该公司战略规划和社区参与委员会的成员.

与Matt合作的客户受益于NAI的全球资源和小团队的个人接触. 让Matt与众不同的是他对客户沟通的奉献. 他首先清楚地了解客户的需求,然后制定一个全面的行动计划和时间表. Throughout the entire process, Matt keeps clients informed and educated. 最终的结果是,他的客户对他们的房地产机会做出高度知情的决定感到自信.

马特一直被公认为CoStar电力经纪人和俄亥俄州中部商业信息交换(COCIE)顶级生产商. 他曾被Columbus Realtors评为Top 10 Under 40的获奖者,并担任Columbus Commercial Industrial Investment Realtors (CCIIR)的总裁。. 他曾担任Columbus Realtors的商业顾问委员会主席,并担任Building Worthington 's Future的前任总裁. He is a former adjunct professor at Columbus State and a regular speaker on real estate panels. Matt is also one of just 15 agents in Columbus that holds both a SIOR and CCIM designation.

Matt graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Art degree in Communication. 他在沃辛顿社区很活跃, 经常为民间组织做义工, non-profits, 经济发展委员会. In addition to representing several non-profits with their real estate needs, Matt champions their philanthropic efforts both personally and professionally.



我喜欢与许多不同行业的企业合作,学习每个行业的运作方式. 它使我们能够掌握当地和国家经济的脉搏,并掌握最新趋势和推动商业发展的因素. 我们每天与客户进行的最有趣的对话都是围绕着如何使他们的企业成功展开的. 我们的客户反过来也从我们帮助类似企业实现其房地产目标的经验中受益.


我们有创意,有反应,有经验(CRE). Not only do we strive to be the best communicators in the industry, 但为了完成工作,我们也会跳出固有的思维模式. 我们及时回复每一个电话, and treat every client and prospect with the same attention and respect. We have a vast amount of experience that allows us to go into every situation prepared, and in turn provide our clients with all the facts necessary to make an informed decision.

Describe a memorable transaction:

When we were helping Cameron Mitchell Restaurants relocate their office headquarters, 在我们的一次旅行中出现了一个独特的情况. It was a cold morning in early December and it was raining outside. 巡演进行到一半,我们把车停到了下一站,那是竞技场区的一个建筑工地. Upon looking at the 100 foot walk we would have to embark on through the mud, our client told us they would rather skip the stop and move on to the next one. 我们向他们解释说,这不仅会让我们在下一站之前有很大的时间间隔, 但我们相信,这一站的不便是值得的. By the end of the hard hat tour, 他们把目光投向了9个月后搬进来的房子. Had we skipped that stop that morning, I don’t know if it would have remained in the mix. The lesson we learned that day was to always trust your instincts and leave no stone unturned.


在我们从俄亥俄州立大学毕业后不久, my wife and I realized we had a strong connection with the Worthington area. We have called this area home for much of our two decades living in Central Ohio. I think our main attraction to Worthington is due to its historic feeling, 步行设施和集中的位置, 市中心和北部的次级市场都有. 多年来,我加入了包括沃辛顿AM扶轮社在内的几个组织,在社区中扎下了很深的根, the Old Worthington Partnership, 沃辛顿社区改善公司,并担任圣迈克尔学校的体育主任.

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Volunteers of America Ohio & Indiana

“我对NAI Ohio Equities的办公室经纪团队和业务主管Matt Gregory印象深刻. The team's passion and strategic expertise and commitment to client service was best-in-class. 无论是在我们提出问题之前就预测到问题,还是根据他们丰富的经验提供持续的解决方案和建议, 或者执行财务和风险分析来支持我们的决策,或者做一些简单的事情,比如为营销目的收集文件, 这个团队超出了我们的预期, 还有一些令人耳目一新的东西是关于全天候可用性和团队通过利用团队其他成员的专业知识的单一联系点提供的即时响应. 马特采取了一个复杂而令人费解的过程,并以一种易于理解的方式向我们的团队和董事会传达了旅程中的每个里程碑. 我会毫不保留地向任何人推荐Sandy Simpson和Matt Gregory,因为他们致力于建立长期的诚信关系,而不仅仅是完成一笔交易."



"I have worked with Andy Dutcher & 马特·格里高利在两次不同的搜索中. 每次搜索都有不同的参数、要求和需求. 每次他们都提供了各种各样的选择,他们的经验帮助他们获得了很棒的房产. Additionally, 它们不仅仅停留在属性的选择上, 他们利用与架构师的关系, contractors and furniture/ design companies to assure a great outcome."

Jon Melchi, Executive Director

Furniture Bank of Central Ohio

“与马特·格雷戈里和安迪·达彻合作非常棒. 他们都精力充沛,知识渊博, 快速响应我们的各种需求和问题. Both are very personable, understood our needs, 并大力支持我们创办社会企业的努力. 我强烈推荐他们两个."

Steve Votaw, CEO

9042 Heritage Drive

“当我的公司要把我们的房产官方直营bbin时,Andy Dutcher和NAI Ohio Equities强烈推荐给我. Andy offered very personal attention to our listing; offering excellent knowledge of the local market and providing appropriate guidance on pricing. I can't say enough good things about how smoothly the listing and sale went! 我强烈建议并鼓励任何想在俄亥俄州中部租赁/购买或出售商业地产的人联系安迪!"

Ian Kimmel, Polar Development Company, LLC

Case Studies

Top Transactions

  • PNC广场| 478,672平方英尺| 23笔交易(待售 & Lease)
  • PNL办公组合| 679,225平方英尺| 17笔交易(销售 & Lease)
  • 创世纪医疗系统| 197,346平方英尺| 35笔交易(租赁)
  • CoverMyMeds | 170,514 SF | 6 Transactions(租赁)
  • Parkstone Capital | 275,299平方英尺| 2笔交易(已出售)
  • franklin Development Partners | 12 Acres(出售)
  • 已安装建筑产品| 438,347平方英尺| 26笔交易(租赁)
  • Central Ohio Neurological Surgeons | 38,891 SF | 955 Eastwind Dr (Sale)
  • 医疗地产| 106,820平方英尺| 17笔交易(租赁)
  • Dublin Techmart | 206,304平方英尺| 34笔交易(租赁)
  • Cameron Mitchell Restaurants | 16846平方英尺| The Buggyworks(租赁)
  • MB房地产| 111,978平方英尺| 20成交(租赁)
  • 日公司| 63247平方英尺| 23笔交易(租赁)
  • Furniture Bank of Central Ohio | 124,898 SF | 3 Transactions (Lease)
  • Busch Office投资组合| 443,735平方英尺| 12笔交易(销售 & Lease)


BA, Communication
The Ohio State University, 2003

Awards and Recognition

Co-Star Power Broker, 2011-2016
Columbus REALTORS®,2014年40岁以下10强
Columbus REALTORS®, COCIE Award, Largest Office Sale, 2015, 2021, 2022
Columbus REALTORS®,COCIE奖,最大零售销售,2021年
Columbus REALTORS®,COCIE奖,最大零售租赁,2021年,2022年
Columbus REALTORS®,COCIE奖,最大工业租赁,2021年
Columbus REALTORS®,COCIE奖,最合作公寓,2021年
Columbus REALTORS®,COCIE奖,顶级制作人,2021年,2022年


OAR, Director
CCIIR, Past President
CORPAC Governing Board
COCIE Office Advisory Board

Community Involvement

Worthington AM Rotary, Past President, 2015-Present: Membership Chair, Sergeant at Arms, 沃辛顿资源储藏室的志愿者, Columbus Dream Center, Homework Help Center
Worthington Partnership,前董事会成员
St Michael Athletic Association, Former Athletic Director, Basketball Coach, Fundraising Chair
Ohio State University Fisher College of Business Real Estate Program, Guest Speaker
Ronald McDonald House, Volunteer
Home for Families Toy Drive
St Vincent De Paul: Adopt a Family

Transaction Volume

Over a 1,200 transactions
$810 million in volume
10,300,000 square feet